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Machete for AMS gives you the control you need over your AMS advertising. Understand your campaign performance. Tweak with confidence. Save time and money. Do it all right on your AMS dashboard.

One-click history charts

Thumbnail charts embedded directly into your dashboard show you how your campaign is performing with a single click.

Instantly spot your best keywords

Intuitive visuals combine your keywords' impressions, clicks, and ACOS into a single chart on your new Keyword Analytics tab.

Optimized reports

Discover your best and worst keywords and tweak them individually or in bulk.

Campaign history in depth

Explore exactly how your campaign's history is changing over time to decide how best to shape it for the future.

How much does it cost?

Machete is free to install, and always free to use for your three most recent campaigns. After that, there are two tiers depending on how many AMS campaigns you use Machete for.

Free Pro Premium
$0/month $10/month $25/month
Up to 3 active campaigns Up to 20 active campaigns Unlimited active campaigns
Free forever First month free with signup

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