Cut your way through Amazon Marketing


Machete strives to serve both self-publishers starting out with AMS and established businesses with large sales volumes. For that reason, we charge a variable amount based on the amount of ad-driven revenue you have per month.

There is a minimum subscription of $5/month. After that, Machete costs $10 per $1,000 of income, rounded to the nearest thousand. That's only about 1% of your advertising revenue!

Advertising Income Cost
$0 - $499 $5
$500 - $1499 $10
$1500 - $2499 $20
$2500 - $3499 $30

All subscriptions have their first month free. Try Machete with no risk at all!

Support for agencies and contractors

We offer special plans for agencies, contractors, and others who handle a large number of AMS accounts for third-parties. If this is you, please contact us at

How is monthly income calculated?

Machete counts monthly income by adding up all income across all AMS and Seller Central accounts that you have used with Machete in the current month.

Machete only counts income from advertising as reported directly by Amazon. Other KDP or Amazon Seller income is not counted, nor is the estimated income from KNP which Machete calculates.

Machete gathers sales data day-by-day and then adds up those numbers over the whole month to determine your monthly income. Occasionally there is a discrepancy between this value and the monthly sales values reported by Amazon. If this causes you to be overcharged for your Machete subscription, send an email to and we'll rectify the situation immediately.