Frequently Asked Questions

How does Machete work?

Machete is Google Chrome plugin, which is embedded in your browser and runs when you visit When you visit AMS, Machete takes a snapshot of your data and stores it on our servers. In the background, it continues to snapshot your data at regular intervals to get a complete history of your campaigns.

When does Machete attempt to gather my campaign data?

When you install Machete, it will immediately attempt to get a snapshot of your current campaign data. It then sets an alarm to snapshot your campaign data every twelve hours. If an alarm is missed (because your computer is off or disconnected from the internet), then Machete will take a snapshot at the next available opportunity.

Machete can get daily information about campaign performance going back as much as 90 days. If you've just installed Machete, Machete will immediately attempt to gather data for all of the previous 90 days. This may take a while the first time you do it! After that, Machete will usually be able to sync all of your data in a few minutes or less.

Does Machete need my Amazon password?

No. Machete will never ask for your Amazon password. Your Machete account is handled by Login with Amazon, as described in the next question.

How does Login with Amazon work?

Login with Amazon for Machete works the same way as other sites that allow you to login with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account: you log in at, then allow Amazon to share your name and email with Machete. Machete never sees your password and has no access to any other part of your Amazon account.

How do I manage my Machete subscription?

Visit your profile

How does Machete secure my campaign data?

Only your account is allowed to view the data we gather about your campaigns. All data is transferred with HTTPS to prevent snooping, and user-specific information is never shared with other users or companies.

Can I look at Machete's source code?

The Machete browser plugin is open-source, and can be viewed at our GitHub repository.

How do I uninstall Machete?

You can uninstall Machete by following these instructions for Google Chrome. You can cancel your subscription at your profile page.