The tool for self-publishing pros
to manage their advertising without the hassle.

See your daily income and spending at a glance.

Update thousands of keywords with just a few clicks.

Make confident decisions with advanced analytics.

I checked it out and said, wow, you just saved me hours of time... I wouldn't get nearly as much writing done if I had to spend all that time to get the same answers.

A. Sharpe, author of AMS Ads for the Rest of Us.

What Machete can do for you

Daily summary of spending and income

Stop wasting time copying data into spreadsheets! Machete calculates your daily sales, spending, ACOS, and other metrics and puts them right at the top your Amazon dashboard.

Update thousands of keywords with just a few clicks

Machete puts bulk update capacity at your fingertips, so you don't have to change bids on hundreds of keywords one at a time. You can even change keywords in multiple campaigns at once!

It's an easy way to look at all your campaigns and immediately see where stuff needs to be changed.

Christian Kallias, author of the bestselling Universe in Flames series.

Instantly spot your most profitable keywords

Machete's keyword visualizer makes it easy to see which keywords are making you money, and which ones need to go.

Stop spending money without returns

Machete gives you reports specifically designed to weed out low-performing keywords and move your spending to places where it pays you back.

Know when your campaigns are cooling down

With Machete, you don't need to wonder if your campaign's performance is starting to falter. Instant graphs on your dashboard let you know exactly which way things are headed, and detailed history charts let you discover long-term trends that impact your bottom line.