Machete for AMS

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What is this?

Machete is a browser plugin which makes your experience using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) fully awesome. Machete integrates into your AMS dashboard to give you the data you really need right where you want it.

Upgrade your AMS advertising with Machete today.

What can I do with it?

See how your campaigns perform over time with thumbnail charts right on your dashboard.

Get a visual chart of your keywords' impressions, clicks, and ACOS on the new Keyword Analytics tab.

Find a number of reports showing your best and worst keywords, with the ability to modify those keywords individually or in bulk.

View your campaign's performance history on a number of different metrics.

How does it work?

The Machete plugin for Google Chrome injects some Javascript code into your AMS dashboard. This allows it to read the AMS data sources, and it stores this data in the cloud. Once an hour, the plugin refreshes your dashboard in the background to get another snapshot of how your campaigns are doing.

Then, when you return to the AMS, Machete uses the data it's collected to show you the hour-by-hour history of how your campaign has performed!

How much does it cost?

Machete is free to install, and always free to use for your three most recent campaigns. After that, there are two tiers depending on how many AMS campaigns you use Machete for.

Try any paid plan and get the first month free!

Free Pro Premium
$0/month $10/month $25/month
Up to 3 active campaigns Up to 20 active campaigns Unlimited active campaigns

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